Butter Dreams
My MIL's Christmas cookies: shortbread-like with almond flavor, plus a round-up of my family's fav Christmas goodies

Candied Pecans & Spiced Pecan Kisses
Great for homemade Christmas gifts or for having around for a snack

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo
Our Christmas Eve meal

Christmas Tree Bread
Fun to make with the kids

Cinnamon Toast Rolls
Another fun kid recipe & a great make-ahead breakfast or snack

Fall Sweet Potato Toss
Grilled sweet potatoes tossed with garlic brown butter, OJ, cranberries, and pecans
Nice TG side dish

Halloween food ideas including Pumpkin Ribbon bread

Hot Olive Cheese Puffs
Salty and cheesy.  These little puffs are addictive.

Milk Punch
Add bourbon or brandy--pick your poison

Mini Pecan Pies with Cane Syrup Whipped Cream
Hint: it's all about the cane syrup whipped cream.

Peppermint Sticks
A Holiday tradition for my family 

Post Holiday Turkey Gumbo
Don't throw out that carcass!

Praline Yams
A sweet, sticky casserole, but without the gloppy marshmallows

Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Onions w/ Rosemary & Parmesan
A savory sweet potato side great for Thanksgiving or a nice fall dinner

Smoked Turkey and Okra Gumbo
Use that leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

Sweet Potato Crunch
My great-grandma's Thanksgiving dish

Turkey Tetrazzini Style Casserole
My Thanksgiving leftover concoction

Thanksgiving Round-up
...of Sweet Potato Dishes and Ideas for Leftover Turkey